downey bed bugs

Don’t let Downey bed bugs infest your property; call us at the first sign or suspicion!

Pest Control of Downey prides itself in having some of the best Downey bed bug exterminators. Unfortunately, it seems that Downey bed bugs are on an upswing. It is unknown as to why there is a surge of Downey bed bugs, but common explanations include increased foreign travel, the exchanging of second-hand furniture, and the close proximity of living quarters.

We simply cannot think of anybody who doesn’t mind sharing their home with Downey bed bugs. Downey bed bugs will make their presence known in a manner that makes it impossible to simply ignore them. While you’re sleeping, bed bugs come out to feed on you. Downey bed bugs do this by using a piece of their mouth, called a stylet, to pierce your skin. The Downey bed bug uses this stylet, which also has small teeth, to saw through your tissue to discover blood vessels.

The Downey bed bug will then suck your blood anywhere from five to ten minutes before returning to its hiding place. The area where bed bugs have fed on you will most likely swell and itch. It’s often difficult to detect Downey bed bugs. Bed bugs will hide in small crevices; seams of your mattress, and only come out at night.

Most people do not notice that they have a Downey bed bug problem until they wake up with tons of little bites on their body. Another way to discover bed bugs, besides having a lot of bite marks, is to have blood or fecal spots on your bedsheets.

When you have a Downey bed bug problem you shouldn’t continue sleeping in your home until they have been treated.

Contact our Downey bed bug removal experts at (562) 250-5423 if you think that you have a bed bug problem. Our Downey bed bug experts attend industry seminars annually and stay current on the latest trends and techniques to continue keeping your loved ones safe!